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Finally had a good night’s sleep: ten tips for healthy sleep hygiene

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Irritability, problems concentrating, a weak immune system: they have a variety of effects on our organism. As a rule, those affected do not need any health statistics for this – if you sleep too little, you will quickly notice that the negative consequences of lack of sleep occur. Then there is sometimes a lack of energy even for the pleasant things in life, we are stressed more quickly and tend to think negatively.

A third of Germans sleep badly

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In Germany alone, between six and nine out of every hundred people suffer from a diagnosed sleep disorder, and a third of the population has at least occasional problems falling asleep or staying asleep. One can say: Germany sleeps badly. While many people turn to sleeping pills to solve the problem, experts like to recommend a change in behavior first.

By being more careful with our sleep rhythm, we can significantly influence the quality of sleep. In the picture gallery you will find ten tips for a healthier sleep hygiene. As with all habit changes, the important thing is: be patient with yourself, it sometimes takes a few weeks for new routines to feel good and take effect. And when the time comes: sleep well!

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