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The European Union grants Ukraine the status of a candidate for accession

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The decision, adopted on the first day of a European summit and which includes moldovaoccurs four months after the start of a Russian war against Ukraine.


The complete process of accession to the EU, which currently has 27 member countries, however, may take several years to be effective.

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“This is a unique and historic moment in relations between Ukraine and the EU,” the Ukrainian president tweeted, Volodymyr Zelensky, adding that “Ukraine’s future lies within the EU.”

Although the approval of the candidacy is also supported by the European Comission (executive body of the EU), some members have expressed doubts about the status of Ukraine, which is facing a tough negotiation process, years or even decades in duration.

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on the war front, Russia maintains its intense offensive in the Donbas mining area in eastern Ukraine, especially in the twin cities of Severodonetsk Y Lysychansk in the Luhansk region.

The regional governor, Sergei Gaidai, assured that Severodonetsk was experiencing “hell”. “Our guys hold their positions and will continue to hold their positions for as long as it takes,” he said.

With two-thirds of this industrial city under their control, Russian troops close in on Lysychansk, “massively” bombarding the city “with cannons, missiles, bombs, missile launchers…”destroy everythingGaidai lamented.

Both cities have been resisting Russia’s offensive for weeks, which is now focusing its operations on the Donbas mining basin, made up of the regions of Lugansk Y Donetsk and partially controlled by pro-Russian separatists since 2014.

Taking over these two industrial cities would be a major advance in the aspirations of Russia, which already controls much of Donbas as well as vast tracts of Ukraine’s southern coast, including the Ukraine peninsula. crimea annexed in 2014.

For their part, the Russian authorities stated that two Ukrainian drones had bombed an oil refinery in the Rostov regionbordering Ukraine, without causing casualties.

In the diplomatic field, Western powers are preparing new actions to increase pressure on Russia.

A senior White House official said that President Joe Biden and the rest of the leaders of the G7 industrialized nations will announce new measures against Moscow at a summit in Germany over the weekend.


Source: Ambito

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