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The government will ask Congress to extend the state of exception due to the Mapuche conflict

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“Together, we have resolved to recommend to the President of the Republic to once again extend the state of emergency in the area,” Siches said.


In addition, he made a positive assessment of this measure, noting that there was “a significant reduction in the burning of trucks of more than 85%” and added that in relation to vehicle attacks there was a decrease “by 65%, and in the use of firearms by 57%”.

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Congress extended the measure in the so-called southern macrozone on June 14, following the government’s request.

With the new request, it would be the second extension of this measure, which allows the support of the Armed Forces in security tasks in the area, which collaborate with the police, and that the administration of Gabriel Boric had ruled out implementing before assuming.

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If the Government’s request is approved in Congress, the militarization on the central routes of southern Chile will continue until July 15.

The conflict in this area of ​​the country has been going on for decades and is due to a territorial dispute between the State, some Mapuche communities and forestry companies that exploit lands considered ancestral by the native peoples.


Source: Ambito

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