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Passers-by and police officers became lifesavers

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A 61-year-old from Gmunden started a sailing tour in the Traunsee near the Toscana peninsula in Gmunden in the afternoon. As he worked on the sail, the sail moved in the wind, so the boat went into a so-called gybe. The sailor did not see this and was thrown overboard by the boat’s boom. According to the police, the man, who was wearing a jacket, shorts and shoes, tried to swim to the shore about 800 meters away, but after a short time he lost his strength. He then screamed for help. A 42-year-old from Gmundner on the Toscana peninsula noticed the man in mortal danger and first alerted the police and then jumped into the water. He swam to the 61-year-old and tried to secure him and bring him to shore. The casualty was already at the end of his strength and the 42-year-old threatened to become completely exhausted after a few hundred meters. About 300 meters from the shore, police officers reached the two men in a boat and pulled them on board. “They were unharmed, but were physically exhausted,” the police reported on Saturday evening.

Source: Nachrichten

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