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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Again up to 37 degrees in the coming week

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On Friday, however, a cold front will already pull through from the west, the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics predicted on Sunday. Isolated showers and thunderstorms are also expected in the mountains in the coming days.

Monday: In North Tyrol and Vorarlberg, the first showers and occasional thunderstorms are already falling on Monday morning. Further east, the day starts out dry and sunny, only in the course of the afternoon does the risk of showers and thunderstorms increase significantly in the eastern mountains and hills. In many places, however, it will remain dry until the evening in the far east and south-east. The early temperatures are eleven to 19 degrees, the maximum values ​​are 24 to 32 degrees, with the highest values ​​in the far east.

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At the Tuesday The sun is shining in many regions, significantly more clouds and there may be a few rain showers in the south-east right from the start. During the day, a few high cumulus clouds are most likely to form in the mountains and hills in the eastern half of Austria, isolated showers or thunderstorm cells are then possible again. For the most part, however, the day ends quite sunny and summery warm. Twelve to 21 degrees at the beginning of the day, 25 to 32 degrees later.

Influence of high pressure brings on Wednesday widespread sunny weather and in many regions the sky is even cloudless, only a few high veil clouds are passing through. Only over the mountains do the cumulus clouds become more powerful during the day, the risk of thunderstorms increases slightly in the extreme west and south-west. After twelve to 19 degrees as lows, maximum temperatures of 28 to 34 degrees are expected.

At the Thursday hot air masses are once again directed towards Austria with a south-westerly high-level current, but a cold front is gradually spreading from the west. So Thursday begins quite sunny everywhere, even if high veil clouds are already passing through. Away from the foehn stretches on the north side of the Alps, rain showers and thunderstorms will quickly occur in the west and south-west, which, however, often only spread further east in the evening and on Friday night. During the day it generally remains sunny and hot to very hot in the eastern half and often also in foehn regions. 14 to 21 degrees in the morning and 23 to 37 degrees from west to east in the afternoon.

At the Friday a cold front covers the western half of Austria. Here it rains continuously and sometimes intensively. Further to the east and south-east, the sun will initially shine for longer. During the day, however, the risk of showers and thunderstorms increases significantly here before generally persistent rain spreads from the west. In the far west, the weather is already improving again in the afternoon. A brisk to strong westerly wind comes up. The early temperatures range from 13 to 22 degrees, the maximum values ​​21 to 25, in the far east again up to 28 degrees.

Source: Nachrichten

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