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by air or land, Russians are desperate to flee the country

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According to Aviasalesflights from Moscow to Georgia, Turkey Y Armenia they sold out within minutes of Putin’s announcement. Flights to Istanbul via Turkey Airlines they were all booked or not available until Sunday.

Already on Wednesday afternoon, reports from flight sites and users began to report a blocking of destinations, such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Y Kyrgyzstansomething that the government did not officially announce, but raised fears of the imminent closure of borders to prevent the mobilization of reservists, the first since the Second World Wardo not be a fiasco that compromises the image of President Putin.

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Russia exodus Belgrade airport

Passengers from Moscow arrive in Belgrade.

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Photo: AP

If not by air, it will be by land

This Thursday, with the option of a truncated air exodus, some Russians rushed towards the borders of Russia, with an increase in traffic at border crossings with Finland Y Georgiareported Reuters.

Groups with advice on how to leave Russia began to emerge on social media, while a Russian-language news site offered a list of “where to flee right now from russia“.

“War is horrible,” Sergei, a Russian who did not want to give his last name, told Reuters upon arrival in Belgrade, the Serbian capital. “It’s okay to be afraid of war and death and stuff like that.” In Istanbul, Alex admitted having left the country for the mobilization. “It seems like a very poor measure and it can bring a lot of problems to many Russians,” he said.


The Kremlin minimizes panic

The Kremlin reacted by calling reports of large queues at Russian airports and delays at borders “exaggerated” after President Vladimir Putin decreed a “partial mobilization” on Wednesday.

Information about disruption at airports is exaggerated to a large degree. There is a lot of false information about it,” said the spokesman for the Presidency, Dimitri Peskov. “You have to be careful not to fall victim to misinformation on this matter,” she added.

The European Union (EU)for his part, welcomed the courage of the Russians who try to flee their country, but despite this keeps the borders closed, one of the measures he took in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine.

The EU Foreign Relations Spokesperson, Peter Stano, stressed this Thursday that the bloc is on the side of the Russians who “bravely and courageously” oppose Putin’s maneuvers. “This shows that they are expressing their opinion about the actions of the Putin regime in relation to their illegal war,” he said.

Source: Ambito

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