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The deaths in the protests rise to 31 and the fuse of a social outburst is lit

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“The people of Iran have taken to the streets to achieve their Fundamental rights and their human dignity and the government is responding to their peaceful protest with bullets,” said its director Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam in a statement, in which he published a total death toll after six days of protest.

protesters in Tehran and other cities they set fire to police stations and vehicles early Thursday, with public outrage over the death showing no signs of abating, with reports of attacks on security forces.

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Mahsa Amini, 22, died last week after being arrested in Tehran for wearing “improper attire”. She fell into a coma while she was detained, and authorities have said they will launch an investigation into the cause of her death.


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In northeastern Iran, protesters chanted “we will die, we will die, but we will take back Iran” near a police station which they set on fire, a video posted on the 1500tasvir Twitter account showed. The account focuses on the protests in Iran and has some 100,000 followers.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard calls for a tough hand

“We have asked the judiciary to identify those who spread false news and rumors on social networks and on the street and who endanger the psychological safety of societyand deal with them decisively,” called for the powerful Revolutionary Guards, which has cracked down on protests in the past.


“The will of the Iranian people is this: do not spare the criminals,” read an editorial in the influential hardline newspaper Kayhan. There are pro-government protests planned for Fridayaccording to Iranian media.

Protests over Amini’s death are the biggest in Iran since 2019. They have been concentrated in northwestern Iran, with a population Kurdishbut they have spread to Tehran and to at least 50 cities and towns across the country, with police using force to disperse protesters.

A member of an Iranian pro-government paramilitary organization, the Basijwas stabbed to death in the northeastern city of mashad on Wednesday, two semi-official news agencies reported Thursday.

Reports from the Tasnim and Fars news agencies about the stabbing appeared on Telegram, as their two websites were down on Thursday. There was no official confirmation of death.

Tasnim also said another Basij member was killed on Wednesday in the city of Qazvin as a result of a gunshot wound inflicted by “rioters and gangs”.

Nour news, a media outlet affiliated with a top security agency, shared a video of an army officer confirming the death of a soldier in the riots, raising five the total number of members of the security forces killed in the protests.

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