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Murder trial in Leoben: 53-year-old sentenced to 15 years in prison

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The suspect admitted to stabbing her “best friend” while she was very drunk. She takes responsibility for his death, she said. She accepted the verdict, the prosecutor’s office gave no explanation.

The Slovakian and the Upper Styrian have known each other for 17 years and drank bottles of red wine and schnapps every day, which he financed. They were known locally for their heavy drinking. On January 11, too, she visited him first thing in the morning to refill the alcohol level after the night, said the defense attorney, who incidentally was the woman’s adult representative before the crime. She described the accused as a heavy alcoholic who has more than three per thousand a day, but she is a “love alcoholic”. She had a good relationship with the later victim, he was her best friend. According to the lawyer, she sexually satisfied him for the alcohol.

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The woman, who was brought out of custody, calmly replied to Judge Peter Wilhelm at the beginning of her questioning: “I accept responsibility, but I have no clear recollection of the incident.” She confirmed the statements of her defense attorney, according to which she rendered sexual services to her boyfriend because he always financed the alcohol. She didn’t really want that: “I told him to look for a girlfriend, but he said he had me.” Sometimes she also refused, but then he wasn’t angry. According to witnesses, however, there were often arguments between the two – including on January 11, when the knife was stabbed.

According to the report, she had stabbed the man with the twelve-centimetre-long blade. The knife penetrated about ten centimeters deep – into the lungs. The victim bled to death internally. “I’m sorry,” said the accused at noon and admitted to remembering the stabbing. After that, several emergency calls were played, which the suspect had made. In it, she described in tears that her friend was lying on the ground and there was blood everywhere. “He’s already dead, he’s already cold,” she said in a desperate voice when she called 911.

Because of the confession, the 15 planned witnesses were not questioned. Therefore, the verdict was still on Thursday: The jury agreed and voted all eight guilty. Her confession and her strong drunkenness at the time of the crime were rated as mitigating. The use of a weapon made things even more difficult. While the suspect accepted the verdict immediately, the prosecutor made no statement. The judgment is not yet final.

Source: Nachrichten

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