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Lula rose two points and is close to victory without the need for a ballot

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In third place is Ciro Gomes, from the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), with 7%, while Senator Simone Tebet has 5% and Soraya Thronicke, from Unión Brasil, has 1%.

Those who say they will vote blank or annulled added 4% and 2% do not know.

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The poll ratified the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) as the favorite to win the presidency without a ballot, since he has 50% of the valid votes (without targets or null, as counted by electoral justice) against 35% for Bolsonaro.

In Brazil you have to have half plus one of the votes to avoid a ballot.

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According to Datafolha, since the margin of error is two points, it is not possible to say that the election will or will not be decided in the first round.

The survey was conducted among 6,754 people in 343 municipalities between Tuesday and today.

Lula is basing his strength on the poorest segment of the population that earns up to 400 dollars a month, with 57% against 24% for Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro, on the other hand, dominates by 45 to 38 among those considered richest, who are those who earn more than 2,400 dollars a month.

For the second round on October 30, Lula added 54% against 38%.

Regarding rejection, 52% stated that they would not vote for Bolsonaro in any way, while the same conviction is 38% when it comes to Lula.

Source: Ambito

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