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they hack the military leadership and release 300 thousand sensitive files

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Likewise, it describes Peronism as a movement “of a nationalist nature with expansionist and hegemonic characteristics.”

As was officially reported, President Gabriel Boric instructed the head of the portfolio, Maya Fernández, to return to Chile to “lead the response to these events,” while the government ordered “an administrative summary to determine the corresponding responsibilities”.

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According to Chilean media, more than 300,000 emails from the Joint Chiefs of Staff were leaked, in a hack attributed to the Guacamaya activist group.

The same media indicate that the content of the leaked emails contemplates communications, care, complications and the operational expenses of the Armed Forces during the State of Constitutional Exception that took place in the Bío Bío and La Araucanía regions, during the administration of the Former President Sebastián Piñera. The Joint Chiefs of Staff is an organization whose purpose is to prepare the components of the Chilean Armed Forces, as well as advise the Ministry of Defense and prepare reports.

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In some Internet pages it was warned that documents from private companies, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico would be known that are directly related to military intelligence, according to BioBio.

Source: Ambito

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