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No climate bonus letter without a fee-based certificate

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The climate bonus is sent to 1.2 million Austrians by post as a voucher because the Ministry of Finance does not have current account data – including Ursula P’s two children. “They are on vacation for a month, so I wanted to take the letters,” says the mother from Neuhofen an der Krems. Therefore, their children signed a form in advance, the template comes from the climate bonus website. With the power of attorney, P. was entitled to receive the climate bonus for her children.

At least that’s what she thought. Because she wasn’t home when she tried to deliver, P. wanted to get the letters from a post office. At the counter, an employee clarified that the form was only sufficient for receipt at home. In order to receive her children’s letter at the counter, she needs a power of attorney from a lawyer or notary, which is subject to a fee. “It’s really annoying. Besides, we don’t know if my children will be back in time to get the letter. What happens then?” asks P.

fraud protection

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Security concerns are the reason why a legal document is required at the counter to collect RSA letters, explains Post press spokesman Markus Leitgeb: “When it is received at the home address, there is little risk that someone else will accept the letter. But in a branch, anyone could theoretically get the letter with a forged form,” he explains.

The RSA letter is kept at the branch until the third Monday after the attempted delivery, after which it is returned to the sender – in this case the Ministry of Climate Change. From there it says on OÖN request that those affected whose letter has been returned should contact the climate bonus hotline: 0800 8000 80

Source: Nachrichten

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