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“Stable weather is no longer to be expected in September”

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The hope was great. Because autumn began as it is eagerly awaited every year: from 6.52 a.m. to 6.59 p.m. yesterday the sun shone from an azure sky. Clear view, pleasant temperatures, full guest gardens. But the golden autumn remains a flash in the pan for the time being.

“Stable weather can no longer be expected in September,” says Liliane Hofer, meteorologist at the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG). A fault zone that was west of Austria yesterday is doing exactly what its name promises as of this afternoon: it is disrupting the high-pressure weather – sustainably.

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At temperatures of up to 13 degrees, compact cloud fields appear, rain showers in the afternoon are not excluded. On Sunday, a Mediterranean low then sends significantly more precipitation to Upper Austria: in the Limestone Alps it rains from the morning, in the afternoon it gets wet all over the country. The rain intensified again during the night on Monday: “It can then pour heavily everywhere. Monday morning is also widely cloudy and wet,” says Hofer.

wintry conditions

The snow line drops from 2500 meters to 1800 meters above sea level and falls again by 400 meters on Tuesday.

“On Wednesday it looks like there will be a tentative improvement in the weather, but according to the current forecasts, the next disruption will follow soon,” says the meteorologist.

The steady high that everyone is waiting for is not in sight. “We still have the whole of October ahead of us. New month, new luck,” says Hofer.

If you want to use the dry phases, which according to meteorologist Hofer can last longer, for a hike, you have to be careful: the conditions in the high mountains are like deep winter. Up to half a meter of fresh snow has fallen, and from an altitude of 1600 meters hikers can already find a closed blanket of snow.

Source: Nachrichten

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