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European Parliament calls on certain countries to deliver more weapons

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Accordingly, neutral Austria was not explicitly named. Austria does not deliver any weapons to Ukraine, invoking its military neutrality.

Specifically, the resolution passed on Thursday states that the EU countries should massively increase their military aid, “particularly in the areas requested by the Ukrainian government.” A good 500 MPs voted for the text, only 26 against.

Germany should quickly train Ukrainian soldiers in handling Leopard tanks

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Ukraine also demands main battle tanks such as the modern Leopard 2 and armored personnel carriers from Western countries such as Germany. Such tanks could be of use to Ukraine in advances and recapture of territories.

The resolution calls on “particularly the reluctant member states” to “pay their fair share of the necessary military support”. Specifically, it says about the Leopard main battle tanks from German armories that Ukrainian soldiers should be trained in how to use them immediately.

More arms deliveries shorten war

More military aid would help shorten the length of the war, it said. In addition, the deputies emphasized in their text that hesitation would prolong the war and cost the lives of innocent Ukrainians. They are also in favor of stricter sanctions against Moscow.

The German government under Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SDP) has been criticized several times for being too cautious with arms deliveries. Scholz recently said Germany wanted to focus on providing air defense systems and artillery.

According to their own statements, the SPD MEPs did not vote unanimously for the resolution on Thursday. Parliament Vice-President Katarina Barley had spoken out in favor of approval within the German Social Democrats. Your party colleague Dietmar Köster, on the other hand, had announced that he would not agree. After the vote, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the EU Parliament, David McAllister (CDU), emphasized that the EU must continue to support Ukraine with all available means.

Source: Nachrichten

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