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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Spain is outraged by a mass macho aggression against a women’s school

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The hair-raising scene occurred on Sunday night in Madrid, in the Elías Ahúja University Hall of Residenceand the victims were the students of the Santa Monica College. According to the authorities of the institution, which depends on the Complutense University, the leader was expelled and the measures they will take with the rest are being analyzed.

At the moment, the possibility of an apology letter, courses on gender violence and social work to help the most disadvantaged are being considered. “What you have to do is help them mature and enter the adult world and this is a way of telling them: be careful, there are social norms and you have to comply with them,” he said. Manuel Garcia Artigadirector of the boys’ school.

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The institutional response was insufficient for hundreds of Internet users who, on social networks, demanded that the Ministry of Equality of Spain take action on the matter. Even the Prime Minister himself, Pedro Sanchezreferred to the macho aggression.

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“Enough of machismo!” He wrote on his Twitter account where he said he felt alerted because the aggressors are young.

Spain approved weeks ago a pioneering legislation on consensual sex, which makes any relationship that is not explicitly accepted a crime of rape. The initiative was presented by the Sánchez government in response to the demands of women’s groups after the case known as The packin which a group of friends raped a girl during the San Fermín celebrations in 2016.

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