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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Bolsonaro will break the silence tomorrow, after the defeat against Lula

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The Minister of Communications, Fabio Faria, confirmed that Bolsonaro He will speak tomorrow before the press. “He should do it tomorrow, he has gone home to write the speech and tomorrow he should make the statement”he told Reuters, adding that he does not know what the content of the statement will be and that he is “very calm and collected.”

The head of state became the first president to avoid making public statements after the results were released since electronic voting was introduced in Brazil in 1998 and has already been in meetings for several hours at the Alvorada Palace, the president’s residence.

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His allies had speculated that this morning he would make a statement on the result of the ballot, something that ultimately did not happen. The Bolsonaro clan, that is, their children, is also silent on social networks, where they are usually very active.

The speculations on a lack of knowledge of the triumph of Lula lost strength this noon after the Bolsonarista base in the current Congressthe call Centered, made it clear to the ultra-conservative president’s team that they would not support such an action. On the contrary, contacts have already begun with the team of the elected president and leader of the workers party (PT, left).

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On the other hand, it is expected that Jair Bolsonaro will not facilitate the transition. The Brazilian press speculated that the president will not coordinate the transfer of power, something common in the democratic system. In fact, some of his collaborators took it for granted that there will be no formal call to congratulate the winner.

Allies press for recognition of Lula’s victory

Some allies of the ultraconservative president, also the first not to be reelected, have already recognized the result of the second round despite its narrowness. And, consulted by O Globo, several of them refused to support a rejection of Lula da Silva’s victory, an option that for many Bolsonarists, especially militants, is still on the table.

The former Minister of the Environment and leader of the ideological wing of the government, the elected deputy Ricardo Salles, was one of the first to publicly acknowledge the defeat and asked the followers of Jair Bolsonaro for serenity. In the same line the shepherd was shown silas malafaia.

During the campaign, Bolsonaro had anticipated that he would only discuss the election results after speaking with the Armed forceswhich carried out inspection actions in the polling stations during the first and second rounds, recalled that Brazilian media.

Meanwhile, on social networks, supporters of the Brazilian president denounced fraud and there were even those who once again staged the possibility of a coup d’état, something that for now was not supported by the political wing.

The result of the ballot in Brazil was released minutes before 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, local time. All the lights of Alvorada Palace, seat of the Presidency, were turned off two hours later without Jair Bolsonaro making any statement or admitting defeat. Nor did he resort to his profiles on social networks.

Source: Ambito

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