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Justice seized a stockbroker for fraud

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How was the alleged scam of Baeremaecker and Perera

The prosecutor in charge of the case, Gilberto Rodriguezassures that the company carried out a millionaire scam through various maneuvers. The victims, who placed their savings in that brokerage since 2013, argued that “they lost the savings of a lifetime.” When they asked the woman who handled their wallets about her funds, she told them that a problem had occurred and that their investments had been lost.

From Baeremaecker and Perera They excused that it was an employee who acted on her own initiativewithout instructions from his superiors. In fact, they filed a complaint against her.

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As stated in the complaint, one of the maneuvers was to withdraw money in cash or checks without the authorization of the savers. The investigation details that there were at least 121 withdrawals. He also signed checks with the intention of writing them to foreign clients, but with them he paid Uruguayan investors.

Other victims deposited, without knowing it, in an account other than that of the stockbrokers. Also, the woman intercepted checks or bills of exchange that she went to pick up at the investors’ house and they never reached the company. In turn, she made transfers to herself from the BCU under the name of clients of the firm.

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In addition, the prosecutor Rodríguez, participate in the investigation Interpoltwo officers of financial crimesthe Financial Information and Analysis Unit (UIAF)the National Secretariat for the Fight against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (Senaclaft), the Social Security Bank (bps) and the General Tax Directorate (DGI).

Source: Ambito

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