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Thursday, December 8, 2022

The three finalists at the Music Award Steyr have been chosen

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From a total of 15 participants from all over Upper Austria, three bands made it to the final of this year’s Music Award Steyr (MAS). However, who will win the main prize, a professional music video shoot, will not be decided until November 11th. The winner will appear in a specially produced video on social media and on the website www.musicawardsteyr.at announced.

Very different styles and artistic personalities are in the running. “Sina Moonlake”, an up-and-coming singer from Mondsee, embodies dark pop with a mystical touch, which has international appeal. “Cecilia is an alternative pop duo from Linz, whose musical foundation lies in the combination of acoustic and electronic elements. “dnbmoo” aka Moritz Grillnberger, who produces his music in the Steyr area, says: “Meanwhile I’ve been a producer active. Music is an art in itself and so diverse that even after decades you haven’t finished learning for a long time”. He tries to stand out from the crowd with every song. “I want my music to be unique and unmistakable.”

Much encouragement from the fans

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The organizers of the Music Award Steyr are happy about 900 registered fans who voted. “We are enthusiastic about this popularity,” says Tobias Kammerhofer from the Steyr advertising and film agency “Werbeberg”, which will implement the music video with the winners. Kammerhofer, Günter Stöffelbauer from Highjump and Stefan Kern from Kern Musikinstrumente are the brains behind the Steyr Music Prize, which has been supported by the Steyrer Zeitung from the start. “The 2022 edition of the Music Award Steyr also reflects the wide range of the Upper Austrian pop music scene. The majority of the acts convince with professional submissions, listening to them makes you want more,” says expert Wolfger Buchberger from Pop-BORG Linz. This year the MAS took place for the second time for all of Upper Austria. “That was a challenge that we mastered well,” says MAS chairman Kammerhofer. Therefore, the euphonious project is to be continued next year.

Source: Nachrichten

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