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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Pedagogue is said to have abused a child in a kindergarten in Vienna

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In one, a child is said to have been abused in a kindergarten, reported the deputy department head of MA 10, Kurt Burger, to individual online media and in ORF “Vienna Today”. The second attack by a teacher is said to have been committed “in the private sphere”, not in a kindergarten.

In the first case, the municipal department (MA) 10 responsible for the kindergartens was informed by a child protection organization that a sexual assault had been committed in a municipal kindergarten, Burger reported to ORF. All parents of the affected kindergarten received an email from MA 10 on Wednesday and were informed about the allegation, the TV report said.

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According to ORF, the second case became known two weeks ago. Accordingly, another kindergarten teacher is said to have committed a sexual assault on a child in the private sphere. Both teachers have been dismissed from the children’s service. The accused “are no longer allowed to work in a children’s group during the entire investigation,” emphasized the spokeswoman for the city’s child and youth welfare department (MA 11), Ingrid Pöschmann.

According to the report, the authorities did not give any further details or the affected kindergarten locations “as a protective measure”. Internal reconnaissance work and police investigations are ongoing.

Video: New cases of suspected abuse in kindergartens

Source: Nachrichten

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