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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Central Bank of Uruguay warned about a virtual financial scam

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In turn, it recommended “obtaining clear and sufficient information from the service provider, its reputation as well as the operations and conditions to which it will be subject.” Especially if it is required to disburse a payment prior to granting the credit.

“Acquire your fast credit 100% safe, from the comfort of your home. Lowest interest in the financial market”, appears on the main page of Financiera Pronacional. The company offers loans for family vacations, to buy a computer, to remodel the house, to pay tuition, to solve health problems. Also for the acquisition of new vehicles and for the construction and refurbishment of homes.

What was the Financial Pronational scam?

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The illegal operation consisted of advancing in the credit granting process with its new clients, demanding payments from them to grant it and, once made, not making any loans.

In a resolution of the SSF, the case of a complainant who applied for a loan of $15,000 from the company, which he had reached through a Facebook post. The false financier demanded a series of deposits in concept of administrative transactions for a total of 30,000 pesos.

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When contacted the next day, they requested a new deposit of 6,500 pesos, with the excuse that the bank charged a commission. The victim of the scam He refused and they told him that in the following days they would refund all the money, but that never happened.

Source: Ambito

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