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ANEP wants to prioritize performance over qualification

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These regulatory changes Emphasis is placed on mentoring studentsand also generates a change in mentality: teacher meetings would focus on spaces for coordination and formative evaluation of students, and teachers would have to duly justify the reason why a student has to repeat the year, instead of being an automatic procedure.

The different conclaves that have been taking place —for example, in the residence of Suárez and Reyes—, are an example that, for the first time, lThe subsystems of the education system are working together, something highlighted by the highest educational authorities. Likewise, they insist that Tuesday’s meeting, where the agreement on the degree passage regime was reached, is the kickoff.

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The proposal in question comes from the team that has been processing all the work of the educational reform, headed by the executive director of Educational Policies of the ANEP, Adriana Aristimunoand that now must be ratified by the Codicen, where the ruling party has a majority.


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Primary students in Uruguay will not have exams or grades, but the ANEP maintains that there will be no drop in educational level.


What is the initiative about?

The agreement between Secondary School and UTU considers that repetition can only be given at the end of each grade (in the eighth and ninth grade, or, what is the same, in the second and third of the former basic cycle), and the exams would be without effect. judged for those students who do not reach the stated objectives. Although there will be formative and project-based evaluations.

In Primary there was already a principle of understanding between inspectors and the management: it can only be repeated at the end of the first cycle and at the end of each section in the second cycle (second, fourth and sixth of school), and teachers do not deliver grades but comments and evaluative concepts bimonthly. They also agreed that student performance should take precedence over attendance.

Regarding the elimination of the notes, the parties involved in the project maintain that does not imply a drop in educational level but, on the contrary, the judgments of the teachers will continue to be relevant for the assembly of the groups, while an element of competence such as the qualification is disregarded.

Source: Ambito

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