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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

San Pablo Prosecutor’s Office investigates criminal financing

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“There is something very big behind them, hence our concern points to unscrupulous people who think they are going to strike a blow against the Democratic State of Law and ignore the result of the elections that took place last Sunday”prosecutor Mario Sarrubbo said today.

Last Sunday the former president Lula da Silva narrowly defeated President Jair Bolsonaro in a runoff election.

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The head of state released a video on Wednesday night when he asked the protesters to abandon the blockades and assured that the protest was “spontaneous.”

Prosecutor Sarrubbo said Thursday that the interdiction of the highways had a lot of “money” whose origin is the subject of an investigation and could have been contributed by a “criminal organization.”

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Pro-Bolsonaro protesters move covers during the blockade of the BR-060 highway near Abadiania, Brazil.

NA Photo: REUTERS/Ueslei

After Bolsonaro’s speech there was a reduction in the blockades that today at noon totaled 73 throughout the country.

San Pablo, the most important state, woke up without blockages on federal highways, but with at least 14 obstructions on local roads, after the Military Police yesterday dissolved a group of protesters with tear gas and water jets.

in a video Bolsonaro said last night that “you have to keep your head in its place, it is not legal to close roads in Brazil, preventing the right to come and go guaranteed in our Constitution”

“I know that you are upset, you are sad, I am too,” Bolsonaro said last night, referring to last Sunday’s defeat against Lula.

However, the president supported the “protests” within the cities, which may be a nod to the concentrations that took place yesterday in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and other capitals in front of military units.

Road closures carried out by protesters they are compromising about 45% of the capacity of the poultry and pork industry of the country, an industry source told Reuters on Thursday.

Some plants had to stop production while others reduced slaughter, the source said, adding that the most affected state is Santa Catarina, in the south. The situation is expected to improve around Monday, as the protests dissipate.

Source: Ambito

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