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Council voted behind closed doors for hotel on VP motion

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The special session of the municipal council began quite forgiving: the eight VP municipal councilors who had applied for the exclusion of the public before the meeting withdrew it before the meeting.

About 50 citizens were in the meeting room and had their say during Question Time. Mayor Wilfried Kellermann even allowed questions to be asked during the meeting.

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Two and a half hours later came the disillusionment. A request for exclusion of the public was made again. Reason: You wanted to read a confidential letter to the municipal council, which had arrived on the day of the meeting. With the votes of the ÖVP, this was then also decided. However, not only to enable the reading of the confidential letter; The citizens and journalists were also banned from the hall for the subsequent vote. The Ulrichsbergers who had come to the special session loudly expressed their displeasure.

But that didn’t change the fact that the vote behind closed doors ended positively for the hotel project.

Lots of negative comments

When the statements received were read out beforehand, there were few votes for the project – for example from the neighboring community of Julbach, the business park or the Chamber of Commerce. But the majority was clearly negative. For example, the state’s environmental ombudsman and nature conservation rejected the project quite comprehensively. Among other things, one refers to the destruction of valuable, partly unique living space, the noticeable intensification of individual traffic, the sealing of areas and the increasing urban sprawl, which is why a location in the town center would be preferable.

Also positive effects

But Kellermann also put forward arguments in favor of building the hotel. Above all, the current income, the one-off fees, the added value and the added value for tourism should be taken into account.

After the positive decision by the municipality, the dedication procedure will be submitted to the state of Upper Austria for approval. There will be a separate procedure for the construction itself. (fur)

Source: Nachrichten

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