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Word of the year 2022 wanted

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“Inflation”, “corruption” and “excess profit” – with these candidate words, it quickly becomes clear that the election for “Word of the Year 2022” is shaped by the energy crisis and scandals. The Ukraine war and the climate crisis also play a role. This year, however, interested parties will be looking in vain for terms related to the corona pandemic. Voting at https://oewort.at starts on Friday and is possible until November 29th. The announcement will follow on December 1st.

The Society for Austrian German, in cooperation with the APA – Austria Press Agency, has again compiled a list of candidates. Words that Austrians have noticed positively or negatively since the end of last year could be sent to the jury beforehand. The search is on for the successor to “Schattenkanzler”, which was named “Word of the Year” in 2021.

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This year, in addition to the terms already mentioned, the “climate bonus” and the “climate ticket” are available. Not least thanks to Thomas Schmid, the “principle witness status” has made it onto the list of candidates, the “sanctions” are on the list, as is the “Ukraine war” itself because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The “electricity price brake” – the government’s measure against the massive increase in household electricity costs – and the term “anti-social networks”, which refers to the negative phenomena of social networks such as hate postings or cyberbullying, complete the candidates for the “Word of the Year”. .

At the “Word of the Year” Among other things, “Thinking Bans”, “timely” and “Energy Crisis” are running as successors to last year’s winner “Coronaparty”. In addition, there is the “Beinschab tool”, with which polls in favor of the former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) and his supporters are said to have been manipulated by the pollster Sabine Beinschab, or “Heizschwammerl” – a discussion arose about these heaters in the catering trade because of the high energy consumption. The Ukraine war also characterizes the nonsense of the year with the candidates “Kamikaze drone” and “Putin understander”. In addition, there are terms such as “cultural appropriation” – among other things because of the discussion of whether a European musician is allowed to perform with dreadlocks -, “pull factor” that the ex-ÖVP Secretary General Laura Sachslehner said in the discussion about the payment of the climate bonus to those entitled to asylum had used, as well as the “fully comprehensive mentality”, which assumes that the population lacks personal responsibility.

As almost every year, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen made it onto the list of candidates for the “Sayings of the Year”; With him, Nobel Prize winner Anton Zeilinger with “You have to trust your spinning mills a bit” and Caritas President Michael Landau with “There is enough for everyone, but not for everyone’s greed” made it onto the list.

Of the “Saying of the Year” could, among other things, Chancellor Karl Nehammers (ÖVP) statement “If we continue like this, there are only two decisions for you afterwards: alcohol or psychotropic drugs!” will. He is being competed with, among others, by Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) with “empiricism, science is one thing, the facts are another.” The third candidate is Minister of Education Martin Polaschek, who repeatedly said in a “ZiB2” interview on June 29: “We have to take a look at that. | We’ll take a close look at it. | Then we’ll take a very close look. | You have to look at it… | We’re going to take a close look at those numbers. | We’re going to look at it again. | I’m happy to look at it.”

That “Youth Word of the Year” traditionally has less to do with the major issues of the year. This year you can choose from “Bro” (brother, boyfriend/girlfriend, buddy), “Digga” (salutation among friends, derived from “fat”), “pass” (rejection of flirting), “safe” (definitely, guaranteed). ), “same” (meant as approval), “slay” (for looking or acting confident), “smash” (to start something with someone; also the German youth word of the year), “stabil” (cool, good) and “sus ” (suspicious).

Source: Nachrichten

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