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Cobario: A musical declaration of love to the world

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“Far away” is the title, which actually says it all anyway. For most of the year, the three adventurers travel around the world with two guitars and a violin as “Cobario”. Georg Aichberger, Herwig Schaffner and due to a line-up change, a native of Braunau is now part of the band: guitarist Peter Weiss.

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When he held his mother’s guitar in his hands for the first time at the age of 14, his enthusiasm for this instrument quickly broke out. Weiss began studying with Karl Hasenauer at the music school in Mattighofen. The HTL Braunau graduate initially worked in an electronics company, but then decided to study at the University of Art in Vienna. “Heast, if you want to be at the top, you have to work hard,” his fellow students advised him, and he did: Weiss played in pop bands, cover bands, dance theater productions, mostly for hat money or a warm meal.

“Towards the end of my studies, I got a call from Cobario. After the first meeting and a single, short rehearsal, we hit it off right away. And so I’ve been able to be part of this wonderful band since May,” says Weiss. With almost 100 concerts per year in Germany and abroad, the three are on the road all year round. This year they gave concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and at a festival in Estonia. A North American tour will follow in December, and they’ll play in England just before Christmas. Before that, however, Cobario can be heard in Braunau: on Friday, November 11, at 8 p.m. in the Kulturhaus Gugg.

The passion for strangers runs deep within them: traveling without a fixed destination, finding what you weren’t looking for. This freedom of the musical drift of the Viennese musicians is reflected. The mix of genres and styles sometimes sounds like dusty, South American deserts, sometimes exhilarating Balkan rhythms, sometimes like the dolce vita of an Italian coastal town.

Preview: Solo cabaret by and with Stefan Haider, cabaret artist by vocation, religion teacher with passion, on Saturday, November 12th.
cards are available in the Gugg office and online at gugg.at.

Source: Nachrichten

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