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Thursday, December 8, 2022

The government returned US$2.5 million to dairy farmers in Uruguay

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In this sense, the Uruguayan official considered that any measure that improves the situation of dairy farmers is good for the chain of the sector and increases productivity. Likewise, he recalled that it was decided to modify the dairy fund law in order to return the surplus amount to producers who never received the credit or to those who ended up abandoning it, a benefit that covered almost 50% of the sector.

In addition, Buffa pointed out that this initiative comes at a key moment in which the climate emergency requires greater investment.

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Payments were made through bank deposits, with a first reimbursement made in December 2021 benefiting 610 producers. The second, in March 2022, reached 711 entrepreneurs; and the third, in June of this year, to 850 producers.

More support for the sector

Likewise, Buffa explained that the government is evaluating new support measures for the dairy sector, including loans with a subsidized interest rate and appropriate terms to adapt the production system based on the climate emergency and in recognition of a market that is always increasing. your productivity.

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He also highlighted the specific credit lines with Banco República for water and irrigation solutions, with 10-year financing, advantageous rates and an interesting grace period.

“The challenge is to continue along these lines, sustain the dairy basins, use idle industrial capacity, continue working on opening markets, such as in Southeast Asia, and generate conditions of trust,” said the undersecretary.

Source: Ambito

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