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“Together we make a new beginning possible”

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Tears in his eyes, indescribable joy, deep gratitude – handing over a car key to someone in need is always a very special moment for Hans Eidenhammer. “Some are overwhelmed by emotions, others can’t believe it and don’t know how to react,” says the 72-year-old pensioner from Burgkirchen (Braunau district).

94. Car given away

Twelve years ago – when the car mechanic retired – he decided to devote his passion for his job to a good cause, repairing broken-down cars and giving them away to single parents and families in need. “Actually, I had planned to make only one car functional again within a year and give it away as a gift. But one car became two, and I’ve now given away my 94th car,” says Eidenhammer, six more cars are already in his garage.

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It is his personal heart project that Eidenhammer is pursuing with all his might. But he couldn’t do it all alone: ​​”Together with two mechanic friends, I work in a garage that my neighbor makes available to us. Cars that are no longer functional are sent to us by the ÖAMTC free of charge, I only pay for the sticker. Also with me I work with social institutions such as Caritas or the Lions Club, which check whether a car is actually needed,” says Eidenhammer. This would not be possible without networking, because only together can the suffering be alleviated and new beginnings made possible for Upper Austrians in need, says the car mechanic.

Help for OÖN Christkindl

The OÖN Christkindl has been able to count on the support of Hans Eidenhammer for about five years. “I’ve been following the Christkindl campaign for a long time and was very enthusiastic about how readers and companies help Upper Austrians in need. A few years ago, the Christkindl supported a woman who could neither afford the cost of a gravestone nor a car repair. There I pricked up my ears and got in touch,” says Eidenhammer.

A lot has happened since that day: every year, the pensioner from Burgkirchen is on hand when families need cars. “Many cannot or do not want to afford life in the city. In rural areas, however, they are dependent on public transport. This often becomes a problem, especially in the case of health impairments,” says Eidenhammer.

Whether it’s the trip to the hospital or for therapy, the daily commute to work or simply the opportunity to take part in social life: “Mobility is very important. I’ve met an incredible number of special people in recent years. And when I hand over the car keys, then I know I was able to give these people at least a chance for a new start and show them a way out of trouble,” says Eidenhammer.

Here’s how you can help

Working together to help people who are in need through no fault of their own – that is the goal of the OÖN-Christkindl this year. Sudden strokes of fate can change your life completely from one second to the next.
All donations that go into the Christkindl account (IBAN: AT94 2032 0000 0011 1790) benefit 100 percent of those in need in Upper Austria. Private individuals can also deduct their donation from taxes.

Source: Nachrichten

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