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Eight months until the garden show, and Wolfsegg is already very upset

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The excavators have already rolled out, in Wolfsegg the big digging for Upper Austria has started. Garden season started in 2023, which will also attract many garden lovers from the Innviertel.

Flowerbeds, themed gardens, paths, parks, playgrounds, a toilet facility and serving areas are being created on an area of ​​around ten hectares that connects the towns of Wolfsegg and Kohlgrube. As far as the planting is concerned, all perennials will be planted this year. The approximately 26,000 flowers are only added in the spring.

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Wolfsegg’s future garden world with a panoramic view of the Alps to the south was designed by the Viennese landscape architect Carla Lo. The Styrian garden and plant planner Julia Schachinger is responsible for the floral design.

She invited all the gardening companies in Upper Austria to submit offers, just as all the orders for the construction and excavation work were awarded to regional companies. “What excites me is the cohesion in town,” says Manfred Ettinger. “Everyone is united behind this project, which is also a huge opportunity for the town.” Ettinger is the managing director of the Wolfsegger Garden Show. There have already been 22 information events for the population. “All local clubs are on board,” says Eferdinger. “During the garden show, each club takes over the bar for a week.”

Ettinger is currently working with a three-person team. But when the garden show opens on June 17, he will need around 60 helpers.

Helpers are still needed

“I’m thinking primarily of holiday workers or holiday interns,” he says. They are not only used to maintain the gardens, but also in the checkout area and in the catering trade. There are also 45 cultural events during the three-month garden period. For a whole summer things will be going on in the small community of Hausruck.

The former mining community of 2,000 will be dressing up for the big rush in the coming months. Garden lovers are expected from all over Upper Austria and beyond. “In order to make it easier for our visitors to travel by public transport, we will offer an electric bus shuttle between the train station and the town centre,” announces Ettinger.

Source: Nachrichten

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