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When a Mühlviertler took off with his self-made plane

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Many thought the idea of ​​a Mühlviertler, who built his own sports plane in 1982, to be a joke. The astonishment must have been all the greater when he actually did three laps over Wels airfield in his “Isabella” and landed again unharmed. “If you want, you can do anything,” said the hobby pilot.

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The dream of flying had begun a few years before he decided to build his own machine. When he heard about a plane that had crashed, he bought its individual parts. The manufacturer provided the blueprints and the people from the Mühlviertel began to tinker. Five years later, he actually managed to take off for the first time.

Innsbruck: There was a scandal at the state boxing championship in Innsbruck 40 years ago. The featherweight winner was so upset about the loss of a friend in another weight class that he threw the trophy and championship belt at the referee. He spoke of a “misjudgment”. Because of his behavior, the man was threatened with a ban of almost a year.

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Source: Nachrichten

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