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Mühlviertel seeds and tofu from Arnreit instead of Asia

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It’s always exciting when initial concept ideas and dry funding applications become concrete products and completed systems. This applies in particular to two sustainable leader projects that have recently been implemented: Farmgoodies and the Hofstetten brewery have joined forces to jointly invest in a plant for drying and storing Mühlviertler special seeds.

More than 50 regional seed producers deliver their high-quality products to Niederwaldkirchen, where they can be dried, cleaned and stored appropriately, with a maximum travel time of two hours. This ensures the quality of the raw materials and independence from world market prices. The short delivery routes make you independent of high transport prices and other price fluctuations. It used to take three hours to process a big bag – with the new system, four can be completed in one hour: an impressive achievement.

Legumes from Arnreit

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Anyone who eats tofu and tempeh from theFavoritSpeis Rohrbach, the Kleinzeller department store, at the Vorstadtwirt or in the snack bar on the Hansberg can be sure: This product comes from Arnreit and not from Asia. Creative dishes from tofu burgers to tempeh bowls are not only found on menus, the raw materials for them are also increasingly finding their way onto one’s own shopping list.

Knowing that this product was not sent halfway around the world, but is professionally handcrafted by Michael and Magdalena Hofer in Arnreit, makes it even better. Every week, between 15 and 20 kilos of tofu and tempeh are produced from local legumes, which are available around the clock in the farm shop in Arnreit.

Source: Nachrichten

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