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SP forces special session to help against inflation

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According to Lower Austria, the demand of at least one third of the municipal councils. Municipal ordinance that a municipal council meeting must be convened. The SP takes advantage of this opportunity and requests a municipal council meeting on inflation, which Mayor Christian Haberhauer (VP) must nolens volens schedule.

The SP is appealing because all opposition motions in the municipal council were recently rejected by the black-green majority in town hall. In fact, the FP supported a master plan for the expansion of district heating and an improvement in the conditions in which the city’s youth leisure facilities were located, while the VP and the Greens rejected these.

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In the special session that the SP has now called for, a budget of one million euros is to be approved to finance packages for the population suffering most from inflation. The SP wants to decide about an inflation adjustment for all clubs, a higher subsidy for the social market and adapted guidelines for social benefits. The VP refers to an “existing ten-point program” and the FP also speaks of “only election campaigns and show at the SP”.

Source: Nachrichten

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