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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

It stays warm, but also becomes unstable

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As the meteorologists of the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) forecast, it will be unstable from Wednesday, but the temperatures will often remain in the positive range. With foehn conditions, even 17 degrees are possible in November.

Clouds will dominate in the southwest and extreme west on Monday and some rain is expected locally. Above the lowlands, basins and valleys, there are often ground or high fog fields, especially in the east, south-east and south they often remain constant all day. Otherwise it is often quite sunny outside of the fog zones. The wind blows vigorously from east to south-west, especially in the mountains and in the eastern lowlands, otherwise it remains weaker. The early temperatures are minus two to plus seven degrees, afternoon temperatures with thick fog only reach six to nine degrees, with the sun ten to 14 degrees, with foehn support locally up to 17 degrees.

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Fog and high fog fields of varying persistence are to be expected on Tuesday, above all over the lowlands in the east the gray fog will remain until the evening. It can occasionally drizzle a bit. Otherwise, the sun often shines outside of the foggy areas before some clouds move in from the west. The wind usually blows weak to moderate from a predominantly southerly direction. The morning temperatures reach minus four to plus seven degrees, the maximum daily temperatures, depending on fog, clouds or sun, four to 14 degrees.

On Wednesday, a band of clouds from a disturbance will appear from the west and will displace fog or high fog. In the west it begins to rain in the morning, in the south in the afternoon, and the focus of precipitation shifts to the south. Aside from a light drizzle from the fog, it will remain mostly dry in the east. The snow line will remain above 1,700 to over 2,000 meters. The wind blows only weakly from south to west. The morning temperatures climb to one to seven degrees, the maximum daily temperatures to five to 14 degrees.

Clouds and light rain will remain in the eastern half on Thursday as the remnants of a fault zone moving east. In the western half, the sun sets in very quickly, in the eastern half only during the course of the day. The wind blows only weakly from different directions. The early temperatures reach minus two to plus seven degrees, maximum daily temperatures five to twelve degrees.

The next disruption will sweep across Austria on Friday and bring dense clouds, especially in the morning, and occasional rain in the northern half. From midday the clouds in the west will loosen up at times, but showers will continue to fall. The snow line drops to 1,100 to 1,600 meters. It rains least in the south. A temporarily brisk westerly wind picks up with the front. The morning temperatures are two to seven degrees, the maximum daily temperatures six to eleven degrees.

Source: Nachrichten

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