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God and the brawlers

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Life at the South Pole can be pretty boring. Because the three fish-stinking penguins (Hanna Kogler, Jonatan Fidus Blomeier, Joel Dufey) have nothing better to do, they argue half the day. But just in the most beautiful wrap about God and the world, the information of the white dove (Alexandra Diana Nedel) bursts: God is fed up with the world and its conflicts, he wants to try a new beginning with a deluge. Before everything perishes, two animals per species are allowed on Noah’s (Christian Bauer) saving ark. Too bad there are three of the penguins.

Friendship, forgiveness and solidarity – that’s what Ulrich Hub’s play “An der Arche um 8” is all about. In the production by Junges-Theater boss Nele Neitzke and with colossal stage design (Anika Stowasser) and dazzling costumes (Veronica Silva-Klug), the text celebrated its premiere yesterday in the Linzer Kammerspiele.

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Biblically, the text sometimes sails close to religious instruction. Delightfully animal played and inspired by humorous ideas, the production, designed in cooperation with the Bruckner University, sails rapidly through 75 minutes. The children in the audience were enjoying themselves. (pg)

  • “At the Ark at Eight” by Ulrich Hub (from 6 years), Linzer Kammerspiele, Director: Neele Neitzke, Premiere: November 13th, dates until April 2nd

Source: Nachrichten

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