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Thursday, December 8, 2022

New skyscraper planned near Schillerpark

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What could be built on the corner of Langgasse and Seilerstätte was only recently discussed again. As recently reported, Linz+ municipal councilor Lorenz Potocnik also submitted a request to planning city councilor Dietmar Prammer (SP) for the area around Langgasse, Landstrasse, Rudigierstrasse and Seilerstätte. Keyword missing development plans. However, the request will not be answered until the upcoming municipal council meeting on December 15th.

Planning City Councilor Prammer informed today, Tuesday, that a new building with ten floors (for offices, living and shops) is to be erected on the corner of Langgasse/Seilerstätte – adjoining the fire wall of the existing Imperial building. The corresponding plans will be presented to the design advisory board on November 28th. If the green light is given there, the project can be submitted.

Specifications of the urban development commission

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In this context, Prammer refers to the specifications for the area drawn up by the Urban Development Commission in 2019. For the location, they stated that an “additional high point” would be conceivable here.

“The basic framework for the project are the specifications drawn up by our experts. The further urban development is based on this. Another important goal for the city of Linz is the upgrading of the Kolpingplatz. We are therefore open to the creation of a new, attractive square façade,” von Prammer continued.

No development plans

When asked about the Linz+ request, the planning city council stated that there was a version for Langgasse based on the specifications of the urban development commission, but that there was no version for the area behind it up to Rudigierstraße because this was not part of the assessment.

It is correct that there are no development plans in the area of ​​Langgasse, Seilerstätte, Rudigierstrasse and Landstrasse. However, Prammer does not currently see a need to change this. If projects arise here, the city will “take a very close look at them and react accordingly”.

Source: Nachrichten

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