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Activists disrupt Russia’s appointment at climate conference

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“You are despicable! You deserve no respect!” cried a woman at the appointment in Sharm el-Sheikh on Tuesday evening. “They are war criminals,” shouted another, before UN security guards escorted her out of the room. “They kill people, they throw bombs,” shouted another. “Your climate commitments mean nothing.” A BBC journalist approached the podium with a cameraman, footage of the confrontation shows. “Are you going to pay reparations to Ukraine for the damage you caused?” asked the journalist, who also had to leave the room.

The meeting was about Russia’s measures in the fight against climate change. Among others, Russia’s Deputy Environment Minister Sergei Anoprijenko took part.

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The climate conference, at which representatives from almost 200 countries discuss further measures to combat global warming, officially ends on Friday. Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, which began in February, was a topic there again and again. The President of last year’s COP26 conference, Alok Sharma, sharply attacked Russia’s President Vladimir Putin at the start in Egypt. “Putin’s brutal and illegal war in Ukraine” has brought about multiple global crises and worsened the climate crisis.

Source: Nachrichten

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