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Linzplus wants to preserve a piece of Linzer Bim history

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Last week, construction began on the cycle highway, which is to connect Linz with St. Florian and will largely run along the route of the abandoned Florianerbahn. There will also have to be break bays and rest areas for this. The Linzplus list has a concrete idea for this: In the curve above the roundabout at the Ebelsberg bypass, there is still an old shelter right next to the new bike path. According to parliamentary group chairman Lorenz Potocnik, this should be preserved and converted into a rest stop for tired cyclists.

Florianer Bahn bus stopFlorianer Bahn bus stop

Little money, lots of benefit

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“The bus shelter could be reactivated as a small rest stop for cyclists with little money, but a lot of use, equipped with two benches, a bike service box, table and bike racks,” says Potocnik. As an addition, he suggests reviving the 61-year history of the Florianerbahn with one or two display boards: “

Hajart looks at it

Traffic officer, Deputy Mayor Martin Hajart (VP) responds to the suggestion: “We’ll take a look at it!”

Source: Nachrichten

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