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Xi Jinping called Justin Trudeau disrespectful for leaking details of their meeting

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Using a translator, the president was very critical of his Canadian counterpart and did not hesitate to emphasize it in front of all the cameras: “If there is sincerity, we can communicate with each other respectfully, otherwise it will be difficult to predict the result“.

The Canadian Prime Minister interrupted Xi Jinping and assured that “in Canada we believe in free, open and frank dialogue. And that is what we are going to continue to do.” “We will continue to seek to work together constructivelybut there will be things on which we will not agree,” he added.

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However, the answers satisfied the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, who ended the conversation with open hands in front of Trudeau. “Create the conditions. Create the conditions (necessary to improve relations),” concluded the Asian president.

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Why the discussion between Xi Jinping and Trudeau arose

Xi Jinping’s anger has its reasons: the Canadian prime minister stated at a press conference that the relationship with China was not going to be easy.

The meeting between the leaders was the first since 2019. Canadian media claim that the prime minister would have raised “serious concerns” with Chinese president for the meddling of the Asian country in the internal affairs of Canada.

Justin Trudeau also declared last week that China was engaged in “aggressive games”, after the Canadian channel Global News reported Chinese interference in the electoral process in Canada.

Relations between Canada and China have deteriorated sharply in recent years, especially since the 2018 detention in Vancouver of a Huawei executive on US orders, and the detention by Beijing of two Canadians in apparent retaliation.

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