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Ökotest: Two organic tomato sauces failed because of mold

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Mold toxins, too much salt and a lack of transparency about the origin of the tomato spoil the taste. Out of 21 test products, eleven received a “very good” or “good”, but two organic sauces failed. The test magazine had the tomato sauces – including eight organically certified products – tested in laboratories for questionable ingredients such as mold toxins, said the consumer advocates of the AK Upper Austria on Friday. In addition, the salt content was determined and the list of ingredients was used to check whether flavors were included. In addition, the designation of origin of the tomatoes was checked.

Some of the results were not only unappetizing, but also revealed a possible health risk. Four products contained mold toxins: Alternariol (AOH) was detected in a cheap product and tenuazonic acid (TEA) in three organic products. Two organic products exceeded the concentration of the EU guideline value for TEA by almost twice, which is why they were rated “insufficient” or “poor”.

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Too high a salt content was measured in more than half (14) of the sauces, which is why these products were downgraded. Proof of origin was not always clearly documented. According to the AK Upper Austria, two large providers “made the least effort”. Therefore devalued, since the tomatoes in “processed tomato products often come from China and there are massive human rights problems with tomato cultivation there,” it said.

On the other hand, the testers were pleased that 19 manufacturers did not add any flavors.

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