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Tuan Tuan, mythical panda donated by China to Taiwan to symbolize improved relations, dies

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“Our medical team confirmed that Tuan Tuan’s heart stopped beating at 1:48 PM (0548 GMT),” the zoo said in a brief statement.

The panda was anesthetized for a scan on Saturday and the team decided to “let Tuan Tuan sleep” as the images indicate that his condition is “irreversible” and that he can no longer “lead a quality existence.”“, according to those responsible for the zoo.

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“It would have been extremely painful and risky for Tuan Tuan to revive him after anesthesia.”said Eric Tsao, a spokesman.

Vets discovered in August that 18-year-old Tuan Tuan was ill, and imaging revealed he had a brain injury.

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The zoo, which suspected the animal had a brain tumor, placed it in hospice care last month.

At the end of October, Chinese vets had been invited by Taiwan to visit the panda.

As usual, Beijing lends its pandas to strengthen ties with other countries, but all offspring must be sent back to China.

But Taiwan was granted a derogation as part of a brief seduction offensive China launched in the late 2000s.

The island could keep Tuan Tuan, Yuan Yuan, and any offspring they had.

The arrival of mammals in 2008 had sparked a veritable “panda mania”, especially after the birth of his cub, Yuan Zai.

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