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Headphones #95: The Return of Major Tom

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It’s been 40 years since you couldn’t ignore this song. “Completely detached from the earth, the spacecraft floats completely weightless”. “Major Tom” made Peter Schilling overnight became the star of a wave that survived musically and still works today as a mood maker at parties – and not only among contemporary witnesses.

“Are we already over the Rubicon or is there a way back?” With these admonishing words, Schilling now speaks up again musically. “Rubicon (one way back…?)” (Warner) is the name of the song in the typical Schilling sound with a refrain that is easily receptive and that addresses a topic that is more important than ever today: climate protection.

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As Schilling correctly says: “Everything that we have been demanding of our living space for a long time will very soon fall at our feet if we do not make a fundamental change of course in terms of climate protection and continue to do nothing or too little in this regard. The world is still holding out.”

The song, which was also released in the English version (“World hold on…”), is the harbinger of a best-of collection by Peter Schilling, which will be released at the end of March 2023. That’s when “Major Tom” takes off again. Will he experience a new high? We will see.

Wild dance music

The German wave had already died down a bit when the electronic sound had its next surge of success early in the late 1980s. This brought out Camouflage, for example, which landed a hit in 1988 with “The Great Commandment”.

The two camouflage musicians Heiko Maile and Marcus Meyn afforded themselves the luxury of the name in 1992 Areu Areu to release an EP that offered wild dance music that still has charm 30 years later. “Ricky’s Hand” still works in the right ambience, guaranteed to turn many a dusty dance floor into an energetic movement zone. The re-release of “Areu Areu” (Bureau B) is a fun sonic journey backwards, which allows for many a deja vu moment, especially for those who have experienced it. PS: Maile and Meyn also got off to a good start with the Beatles classic “Day Tripper”.

Pulsating sound

“Why can’t you stay?” A good question when she has to go and he who is staying is certain it won’t decide the course of the world. “Bosse Geister”, the song by the Viennese indie-pop duo, revolves around this question Yukno, which has hit the bull’s eye. Pulsating electronic sound that quickly reaches legs and brains and describes the loneliness that everyone knows between melancholy and a spirit of optimism.

With “The Stars from Below”, a second appetizer for the debut album “Everything is Past”, which will be released in early March 2023, has now also been released. The invitation to let yourself drift comes in a casual sound, is quickly burned into your memory, conjures up a satisfied smile on your face, on which you dance through the night or day, depending on what you feel like. “Somehow it’s beautiful,” the song says. There is nothing to add.

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