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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Hörsching section: B1 has four lanes in both directions

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Since today, Monday, four lanes of the B1 Wiener Straße, which runs between Linz and Wels, have been open to traffic, at least in part, specifically in the Hörsching section. This reduces the 7.1 meter long route, on which only two lanes are available, by 2.1 kilometers.

As reported, the complete four-lane gap closure is to take place in two stages. The background to this decision, as the state of Upper Austria put it, is “the difficult negotiations with the municipality of Marchtrenk”.

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In September 2021, the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion in the Hörsching section followed. After a construction period of around 15 months, both carriageways could now go into full operation – two weeks earlier than originally planned. The new Wels carriageway has been open since January – albeit in oncoming traffic.

In the coming days or weeks, the remaining work is still required, the state informed in a press release today. Especially on the Wels carriageway, missing signposts have to be installed and floor markings completed. The open embankment areas will be planted with natural meadow seeds.

Better traffic flow

A total of three intersections controlled by traffic lights were installed with the aim of making traffic flow more smoothly and enabling safe turning on and off. For cyclists there is still the cycle path next to the Wels lane, for pedestrians and users of public transport the bus stops and crossing aids at the Haid settlement are still available. A traffic light was also installed here.

“In order to be able to guarantee a smooth traffic flow and thus the best possible traffic safety, a four-lane expansion variant of the B1 is essential. I hope that the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the four-lane expansion can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible in Marchtrenk,” says Transport Minister Günther Steinkellner (FP).

Source: Nachrichten

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