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Linzplus sees itself as an “idea machine” in the municipal council

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The two deputies from Linzplus in the Linz municipal council see themselves as a “genuine, independent opposition” and “idea machine”. As a result, parliamentary group leader Lorenz Potocnik does not keep a good hair on the other small opposition parties, with the exception of the KPÖ. The price for the “sharp and independent” opposition policy is also rejection, especially on the part of the mayor’s party SPÖ. From their own point of view, they still have an effect.

Ideas in a roundabout way

Many ideas that were initially blocked by “power games” found their way across several corners, says Potocnik, citing the cleanliness campaign he called for two years ago, the traffic-calmed Domgasse and the idea of ​​grinding down the cobblestones in the old town as examples.

Some things go through

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Overall, Potocnik and his colleague Renate Pühringer submitted around 35 applications and ten inquiries to the municipal council. Linzplus claims the initiative for community nurses for itself. An inclusive playground and tactile models of Linz for the visually impaired and blind are being implemented or assigned to the right committee.

Source: Nachrichten

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