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Lula underwent surgery for a larynx injury and has already been discharged

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Lula, 77, has been hospitalized since Sunday, upon returning from a trip, “to perform a laryngoplasty for the removal of a lecoplasia (white lesion) on the left vocal cord”the Syrian Lebanese hospital specified in a statement.

“Good morning. Already at home, after a small procedure yesterday. All resolved and well,” the leftist leader wrote on his social networks along with the note from the medical center.

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The medical part highlighted “absence of neoplasia”, ruling out tumors due to abnormal cell growth. The leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in 2011, from which he recovered the following year.

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The injury to the larynx removed this weekend had been detected in routine medical check-ups the previous Saturday, after a months-long presidential campaign effort in which his voice had raised concerns.

During the week, Lula participated in COP27 in Egyptin his first international appearance as elected president of Brazil, and then visited Portugal.

Before leaving, his team reported that the results of Lula’s studies were “normal”confirming the “complete remission” of the laryngeal tumor detected in 2011.

Lula was a smoker for 50 years and gave up smoking in 2010, after being hospitalized for hypertension.

The cancer was detected at the end of his presidency (2003-2011). In 2012, doctors announced his “total recovery” after chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

Source: Ambito

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