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Corona: Fewer and fewer are following vaccination recommendations

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This is shown by data published online by the Ministry of Health. Accordingly, only just over half are vaccinated according to expert recommendations. That is 817,000 fewer people than in July. The Ministry of Health now wants to stop the corresponding statistics and only publish the number of vaccine doses administered.

Since the end of June, the Ministry of Health has been publishing online how many people are following the recommendations of the experts for the corona vaccination. At that time, 5.6 million were vaccinated according to the NIG recommendation – that corresponds to 62 percent of the population. However, the number has fallen constantly since then: currently only 4.8 million are following the advice of vaccination experts (53 percent).

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The decline in older age groups is particularly strong. Vaccination coverage for people over 85 has fallen from 84 to 61 percent, and for people between the ages of 75 and 84 from 86 to 71. Overall, senior citizens over the age of 65 still follow the recommendations of the National Vaccination Committee the most. Vaccination coverage is highest at 72 percent among 65 to 74 year olds.

The vaccination committee has recently expanded its recommendations for corona vaccination several times. Since the end of August, experts have been recommending the fourth vaccination (“booster vaccination”) from the age of twelve instead of only from the age of 60. For those over 60, the interval to the third vaccination was reduced to four months. Before the summer, the refresher recommendation only applied to over 65-year-olds or risk groups.

How many people follow the NIG recommendation in total and how many do not will only be publicly visible until mid-December. The Ministry of Health announced another change in the corona statistics on Tuesday: According to the NIG recommendation, the daily publication of the vaccination rate will only take place until December 15th. In future, it will only be reported how many people have completed the first series of vaccinations (1st and 2nd vaccination) and how many have also received the 3rd vaccination (“basic immunization”) and a “booster” (4th or more).

At the request of the APA, the ministry justified the change in vaccination statistics with the fact that the vaccination committee’s recommendations were aimed in great detail at the individual factors of individual population groups. Instead of presenting this level of detail in the vaccination coverage, now focus on the vaccination intervals. In addition, one wants to counteract a “dynamic adjustment of the vaccination rates” after changed vaccination recommendations, said a ministry spokesman.

Source: Nachrichten

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