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Better technology enables more efficient snowmaking

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Horrendous energy prices and skyrocketing operating costs also pose major challenges for the Sternstein lifts. The tariffs for lift tickets should only be adjusted moderately. In particular, the increased electricity prices, but also the costs for diesel and hydraulic products will have a drastic impact on the operating costs of the Sternstein lifts, say the two managing directors Andreas Eckerstorfer and Gerhard Zettler. They don’t want to know anything about hefty price increases in the double-digit percentage range, as with some large lift operators, but there is no way around a price increase at Sternstein either: “We are a local ski area for families.

That’s why, despite the explosion in costs, we have set ourselves the goal that skiing fun remains affordable with us,” explains Eckerstorfer. The card tariffs will be increased by an average of 6.5 percent cost euros.

Efficient snowmaking

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The aim is to counteract the increase in prices with even more efficiency, for example in the technical snowmaking of the slopes: “In recent years we have invested in modern, electronically controlled snowmaking towers with foresight. We use these to produce snow when the weather promises the best yield. This is how we can we use valuable resources such as water and energy in a targeted and efficient manner,” says Gerhard Zettler.

That is why the conditions for the use of modern snow-making technology were also improved in the summer: All buildings in the area of ​​the valley station were connected with fiber optic cables, which provide access to fast internet. Software updates, which previously had to be carried out by service technicians on site, which was laborious and expensive, can now be carried out remotely. Visitors to the Sternstein also benefit from the expansion of the mobile phone transmission mast system. Also new is the option to buy season tickets and vouchers in the web shop.

Waiting for the season to start

Despite the certainly difficult conditions, people are looking forward to winter on the Sternstein. The official inspections and safety checks have already been completed, and preparations for the start of the season in early December are proceeding as planned. “We will do everything we can this year to offer the approximately 70,000 visitors the best conditions in winter,” says operations manager Leo Hartl. Discounted season tickets can be purchased until November 27th.


Source: Nachrichten

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