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Frankenburg is planning a big summer of culture in 2025

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The blood court at Haushamerfeld will be 400 years old in 2025. At the same time, the 100th anniversary of the open-air dice game theater is being celebrated in Frankenburg. For this reason, the market town is planning a series of festive and commemorative events for the summer of 2025, which will also commemorate the Peasants’ War of 1626. The round dance is also intended as a replacement for the state exhibition canceled by the state government and for the originally planned 400-year anniversary of the market survey. As is well known, it fell victim to Corona last year.

The population was recently invited to bring in ideas for the cultural summer 2025, which will take place between the market square and the dice game area. Among other things, a “market like in the past” is planned, where clubs in old costumes will offer their goods. The bands will perform a specially composed piece of music, and many other cultural events will take place.

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Source: Nachrichten

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