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About media, mobility and the metaverse

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I have been working in news websites for the past three years. I am currently an author at 24 hours world, where I mainly cover world news. I have also written for The Huffington Post and The New York Observer.
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A 3D configurator at KTM as a step into the metaverse, a tourism video that went viral and deep learning in accident prevention – all these projects, along with many others, were presented today at the Media Futures Summit at the FH Upper Austria on the Hagenberg campus presented. The event is organized by the Digital Media course, with the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten present as a media partner. The focus this year was on the subject of media and mobility.
“We want to present and discuss mobility in its various forms,” ​​says course director Andreas Stöckl.

In cooperation with the Board of Trustees for Traffic Safety, several projects are currently being worked on. For example, recordings by drones and their automated evaluation should enable an assessment of the risk of accidents involving wildlife, or an evaluation of reports of leisure and sports accidents to lead to recommendations for safety measures.

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A panel discussion highlighted how the media deal with the mobile use of content. As much as the nature of media consumption is changing, it was agreed that high-quality content that is relevant to people is still crucial. Another major topic was people’s media skills. “Not every source on the Internet is of equal value, not every piece of information is really fact-based,” said Barbara Eidenberger, online department head of OÖN. It is all the more important to convey the value of media in the digital world.

Source: Nachrichten

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