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After an accident and a hit and run: the police found cannabis plants in the accident driver

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Yesterday, Wednesday evening, the police were called to a traffic accident in St. Radegund because a heavily intoxicated person had driven a car into a horse stable and was behaving aggressively. The driver, a 54-year-old Romanian national, could not be found on site for the time being.

The car that was totaled was still in front of the stable building there. A horse trailer and a tie beam were damaged. The car was recovered by the St. Radegund fire department.

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Meanwhile, the police officers were able to find the driver of the accident in his accommodation. The 54-year-old refused an alcohol mat test and a clinical examination for impairment by narcotic drugs. In the accused’s accommodation, the police officers found dried cannabis plants hanging up. During the subsequent search, a jar with flowers that had already been harvested and utensils for consuming addictive substances (grinder, pipe) were found and seized.

Since the 54-year-old could not show a valid driver’s license and told the officials that he wanted to drive to Romania the following day, a security deposit was collected. Reports to the Braunau district authority and to the Ried public prosecutor’s office will follow.

Source: Nachrichten

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