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This is how the Austrians think about the “climate stickers”

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A good fifth of Austrians support drastic actions by climate activists, such as pouring soup onto pictures or sticking them on the street. 72 percent think that nothing or only a little can be achieved with it. Rejection is particularly high in the 50-plus age group. According to a market survey, men feel that their personal safety is significantly more threatened by activists stuck on the street than women do.

On average across all population groups, 21 percent believe that such actions are good because otherwise the necessary attention would be lacking – 20 percent among men and 23 percent among women. The climate activists experience the most support in the middle age group of 30 to 49 year olds (29 percent). 26 percent of the younger generation express understanding, while only 13 percent of the older ones.

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49 percent feel personally endangered by adhesive blockades on streets – for example because rescue vehicles cannot get through. Women (43 percent) are significantly more fearless than men (55 percent) in this regard. Here, too, the middle age group tends to favor the most active, the older the least.

market also had the 1,000 over-16s surveyed online last week assess whether climate change can be stopped at all: 47 percent believe that it is already too late, 32 percent still have hope. Older people, men and city dwellers, are significantly more pessimistic than younger people, women and the rural population. In general, those who believe that the fight against climate change is not yet lost are more open to climate activism than the pessimists.

Source: Nachrichten

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