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A treasure that is more than 555 years old: the parish church in figures

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The Braunau “Steffl” is the landmark of the largest district capital of the Innviertel. But not only the 86 meter high tower is worth seeing, but above all the interior of the associated parish church. The Gothic St. Stephen’s Church was built in the 15th century. It took 27 years to build, and the tower was only added 26 years later. More interesting facts and figures can be found here:

  • 600 Seats: There are a total of 28 pews in the parish church. 100 people can be seated in the so-called stable chairs. These special stable stalls are among the oldest and most valuable in the German-speaking world, they date from the time of construction. If all the seats are occupied, there are still around 300 standing places available.
  • 14 altars: In addition to the Gothic main and high altar, there are two side altars to admire and twelve other altars in the side chapels. The oldest altar is the Gothic baker’s winged altar, which dates from the 15th century.
  • 115 Characters: There are 30 figures in the sanctuary, 22 of them alone in the high altar. In the church room there are an additional 49 individual figures, with those in the altars there are a total of 85. The oldest group of figures is that of the family of the Blessed Mother Mary: Mary with her parents Anna and Joachim. These figures are older than the parish church itself.
  • 186 stages you have to climb before you are rewarded with a beautiful view of the region from the second gallery of the Steffl. The Steffl is 86 meters high, its foundation protrudes over ten meters into the ground! In the tower itself there are eight floors above the ground floor.
  • 31 unique windows: Each window of the parish church is unique, no two are alike. They differ in window size, shape, tracery, latticework, multiple shells, built-in opening wings and the artistic design of the glasses with different liturgical representations.
  • 74 Epitaphs: There are five epitaphs (commemorative plaques) in the church interior, one of which is from the 16th century Protestant period, when a pastor, Johannes Gattner, led the services for eight years. There are 69 epitaphs on the outer wall of the church.
  • 3 epochs united: In the church room of the Gothic Braunau parish church, figures, altars and furnishings from a total of three eras can be admired.

Anyone who would like to find out more about the parish church can go on a journey of discovery on site with the help of information boards – or register for church tours in the parish office.

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Save the Braunau Steffl: The parish church urgently needs a general renovation. The parish is therefore dependent on financial support. Donations are automatically deducted from taxes: Federal Monuments Office; AT07 0100 0000 0503 1050, promotion code A331! Advent café with sales exhibition on November 26th and 27th in the parish hall, proceeds will be used for the general renovation.

Source: Nachrichten

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