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Russian JKU student is deported: Rector Lukas is “dismayed”

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New developments in the Daria case: Russian student unexpectedly released.

“Based on the information available to me, I am dismayed by the actions of the authorities,” says JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas in the OÖN interview. “I am appealing to the Home Secretary to review this case.”

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He criticizes “the fact that a colleague is taken out of the country by state coercion”, “that this can lead to traumatization is understandable.” There is no doubt that the 21-year-old would have left Austria voluntarily if the regulations require this. “But then they could have been taken to Italy with the appropriate care,” says the rector.

To his knowledge, the asylum seeker had never made any preparations to evade the procedure. “The authorities knew where she was, that she was studying with us.” With a bachelor’s degree in “Artificial Intelligence,” the young woman is studying “one of the most sought-after subjects,” Lukas points out.

As reported, the Russian was suddenly and unannounced arrested in her asylum accommodation in the Salzkammergut on Tuesday and transported to the police detention center in Vienna Rossauer Lände.

Tomorrow, Friday, the deportation will take place by plane to Venice. Unless the Federal Administrative Court revises the Federal Asylum Agency’s decision at the last minute, as Julia Kolda, the Russian dissident’s lawyer, tells OÖN.

As reported, the 21-year-old took part in social media protests against the Ukraine war: with the harmless slogan “We for peace”. But because this is already enough in the Putin regime to be able to be locked up for a long time, the young woman fled to Austria in April this year. The escape succeeded with an Italian tourist visa.

But that is exactly the problem now: her application for asylum was rejected on the grounds that Italy was responsible under the Dublin agreements. Attorney Kolda claims, however, that Austria could have declared itself responsible for the Russian case at any time and decided on the right to asylum.

Daria started learning German in the few months in Upper Austria, obtained a Cambridge certificate in English, deepened her programming skills and began studying artificial intelligence at the Johannes Kepler University.

Support was also received from the JKU program “More”, which looks after refugee students. Even a host family would have been willing to take the 21-year-old. But instead of allowing this, they were billeted in three different establishments during their almost six-month stay in Austria.

Source: Nachrichten

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